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Join Manny V in the middle of the week for a Baja Weekender and get some pesos back in your pocket. Email Manny V for more details:

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Manny V cares. He puts together tours with safety as a priority.



You work hard for your money. Have the most fun possible with it.



The adventure to search for the perfect wave starts here.



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    Top Notch


    Manny V Tours goes over and beyond putting together tour packages that cater to you as someone that loves wave riding, exploring new lands and taking in all what new experiences that world has to offer.



    Have a group and want to see the world of waves together? No problem. Manny V Tours will put together a tour package that will cover all bases. The only thing your group will have to worry about is having a great time. Easy money.
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    Manny V Tours packages  your trips that have already been proven by Manny V himself. He packages his favorite surf trips and offers them to you so you don't have to worry about the the details. Leave that up to Manny V.

    Posh To Camper


    Over the past 11 years of putting trips together, Manny V understands not everyone can handle camping in the cold climates of Baja in winter. He also gets it when you work your butt off for those precious limited vacation days so let's go big.
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    Or Not

    Your tour package is put together with the experience of Manny V. It's set up day by day. At any time on  your trip, aside from accomodations, the mini side tours can be altered or taken out all together. That's all up to you.


    Cool Options

    Making your trip affordable is a key component. With tons of things to do on your trip, the options to add on to your Manny V Tour package are limitless. Let's get there and let you decide when and what you want to do.

Your Surf Adventure Captured

What's your trip all about if you don't have anything to show for it?


Manny V's photography surf/action skills will be put to use on every trip. Epic water shots or crisp land shots are all yours!

Documenting Your Epoch

Manny V will produce a three minute video of your trip for you to share with all your friends that couldn't make it.


Manny V will switch from photo to video on occasion. The GoPro +3 Black will capture video as well. All yours!

Indo Experience

Here's a little something to get your chops salivating. Our two week adventure to three islands in Indonesia will definitely open your eyes and ears to new smells, foods, great people and epic waves.

...yesterday... was the best day ever! Barbara - SUP Cabo Surf
Best trip I've ever been on... Kawika - the Indo Experience
Come get it while it's still hot. Roach - Cabo Freak Fest
I feel safe every time we hit Baja. Sean Poynter - Baja Weekender
Manny knows what he's doing here... Drew - the Indo Experience
Beers with the crew on the beach. Warm barrels and the great Baja vibe. What else do you need? Cameron Steele - Cabo Freak Fest


Born and raised in San Diego, Manny V has been driving and flying south of the border since the mid 90's. He knows the in's and out's of being safe in Baja. He also knows the best spots to surf and eat.


2014 will be the first year that Manny V Tours will be leading tours to Mainland Mexico. Mazatlan is first on the list but will most likely expand to the infamous Puerto Escondido. You ready?

Costa Rica

Back by popular demand... Costa Rica. This awesome oasis of raw nature offers up some absolutely incredible landscapes. Add epic warm water surf and you'll realize you're in paradise.


Ready to get drunk on an awesome cultural experience? Indonesia is calling. Our honeymoon and awesome two week surf packages are what unforgettable memories are made of. You will not be disappointed.

Updating Daily

As you'll notice Manny V Tours is still updating the website with all the goodness that goes into a very informative tour operator website. We appreciate your patience as we piece together the new look and new vibe of Manny Vargas' complete tour company website. Thank you.

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